Overworking? Keep this in mind

by Average Founder ยท October 24, 2020

Sometimes overworking is fine.

It is when you are motivated, everything is going well and you would just like to squeeze your next month of work into one week. You look forward to the results and you are willing to sacrifice your energy and additional free time to sooner see what happens.

But keep this in mind. Overworking only works until everything is going well. Remember that after working really hard for a week or more, your body and mind will be tired, even though you will feel satisfied with how the things are progressing. If something goes wrong, you have a clash with a person or simply some other annoyance occur, your emotional stability will break way easier and your emotions will overwhelm you.

Be careful. Understand that when overworked, you will not be as emotionally stable as you usually expect from yourself. If you anticipate that this will happen, you will be better at dealing with it when the time comes. Let yourself rest. It will be easier to face the issue when you get your energy back.